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Refund Policy

  • 1.Before you make a payment, we strongly advise you to watch our free TV shows or movies to test the smoothness and quality.
  • 2.Please note that we offer two powerful professional streaming servers which located in EU and US, please test which one is better for you.
  • 3.Connection glitches are caused by many reasons, if your local network node is too far and complicated to the streaming sever, the playback may be lagged.
  • 4.HTML5 player is used in site, so our video can stream on your iPhone, iPad, Android and many other HTML5 supported mobile devices besides computers. To get the smoothest playback, you can pause the video and allow the stream to buffer before playing and you may need The latest version browsers.
  • 5.Cookies MUST be enabled in your browser for streaming to function like normal. We recommend that you use Google Chrome when visiting our site.
  • 6.For any loss of your pts or service time in any conditions, you can send us a message via private message on site or email to [email protected] for refunding your pts or service time.
  • 7.After you tried the above tips, your watching experience still can not reach your expectation, please contact directly via private message on site or email to [email protected] for payment refund. We offer refunds for payments within 30 days.